Welcome to Outman's Blog

I'll be using this blog to discuss topics that I think are interesting. So expect posts about programming, general technology and software, music theory and analysis, economics and architecture.


My name is Outman. My full-time job is programming, and I write music as a hobby. I also enjoy spending time outdoors every now and then. I primarily work with C# and JavaScript/TypeScript, but I explore various other technologies whenever I get the chance.

Lately, I've developed an interest in Golang, and after years of blogging inactivity, I decided to give HUGO a shot. So far, I find it much nicer for my own needs than Ghost, which I used previously on a Vultr VPS. Now, I'm using GitHub, HUGO, Netlify, and Decap CMS (formerly Netlify CMS) to run this blog for free. The only thing I still pay for, of course, is my domain.

Thank you for visiting my blog! Check out my latest posts down below.

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